Emma, July 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change into the opposite sex for some time? Or have you asked yourself why certain behaviors of men and women are expected?

Me, Myself & Emma started as a photo project right after asking myself those questions. Little did I know of how much it would challenge me and my loved ones. And even less did I expect what this experiment would do to my own identity, which I never questioned in terms of my gender.

Two years ago I started wondering about how society reacts to people who disrupt the core beliefs of gender. Strongly believing that I can only photograph what I have experienced myself, I started to dress as a woman in order to gather feedback of the people I meet. Little did I know about the journey that was (and still is) ahead of me.

This project is not only about the question whether it is acceptable for men to wear dresses. I try to make the viewer aware of all the obstacles that not only trans-people have to overcome, but everybody who wants to live a life free from opinions of other people. Starting from self doubt, over the definition of unconditional love, all the way to the question of who we really are and what (or who) defines us as male or female, I am trying to translate all those questions into my photographs.

This project is ongoing and will probably never come to an end. There is no easy definition of male masculinity and femininity. Actually, after speaking with numerous people who identify both a trans- and cis-gender, I haven’t come closer to an answer than this:

You are the only person who defines who you want to be. But be prepared: most likely, someone you care about won’t like who you really are.